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Stall applications 

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We're really delighted that you're interested in applying for a stall at the Englefield Green Village Fair for 2023 and/or advertising in the Fair programme. 

To apply for your space, please complete this form. We're already two-thirds full - so don't delay!


We cannot guarantee that all applications will be accepted. We are not inviting applications from coffee or alcoholic beverage vendors. We are no longer accepting applications from food stalls; we have an ice cream van and cake-makers - thank you.


Please read the Terms and Conditions which are linked from the bottom of this page.   

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Stall costs 2023

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Advertising costs 2023

You may also apply for advertising to promote your business. Your advert will appear in our Fair programme (available before and on the day of the Fair) and we will link to your business/organisation's site from your logo on our front page (with a 1/2 page advert or more).  

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If you wish to apply for advertising only, you can apply via this booking form.

Booking a stall and advertising entitles you to a discount of £10. 


We're always very happy to hear from companies, organisations or individuals who may want to support the Englefield Green Village Fair. Here are ways you can help, by:

  • Sponsoring some of the larger costs we need to cover e.g. arena act, entertainment

  • Contributing to our Silent Auction, with gifts and experiences that can be enjoyed by the (very) lucky winners

  • Donations (large or small) are very gratefully received

Those sponsoring 'big ticket' items will receive a grateful shout out in the Fair programme and we will link to your business/organisation's site from your logo on our front page.   

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